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EPISODE 05 - Leave the gun, take the cannoli

December 11, 2018
No Mafia sign in Capaci, at the place where the bomb that killed Falcone was detonated from

Jelena goes to Palermo, Sicily, to find out what happens when we lose trust in the institutions (and each other), and how one can fight the mafia. With stickers.

Levels of trust in institutions - such as the government and the media - have dipped to an all-time low in many countries across the globe. So who do people turn to when people lose faith in the state?

In this episode,  Step One team heads to Palermo, Sicily, to learn how the mafia took advantage of people’s distrust of institutions, and how one could win that trust back. Sometimes, all you need might be stickers with a good slogan...

Bosch Alumni Network Event:
Trust and Transparency
Palermo, Sicily
November 2018

If you want to find out more about the work of Addiopizzo, check our their website.

Music in this episode:

Salue by Kai Engel

Black Lung by Broke for Free

Hand Me Down by Springhouse

Somnolence by Kai Engel 



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Edoardo Zaffuto from Addiopizzo. Credit: Massimo Brusca/iac Berlin.


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Trust and transparency group getting ready for the conference. Credit: Massimo Brusca/iac Berlin

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Podcast recording. Credit: Massimo Brusca/iac Berlin.


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Some of the Sicilian gastronomic delights. Credit: Massimo Brusca/iac Berlin.


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View over the port of Palermo. Credit: Massimo Brusca/iac Berlin.