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EPISODE 1 - A Country Goes Nuts

July 28, 2018
Eco Village, Riscova, Moldova

What happens to a country when its young people leave to find jobs elsewhere? Jelena goes to Moldova and learns how a small community of newcomers is bringing renewed hope and new economic opportunities. 

We meet Evgenya, Julian and Liliana, three people working hard in different ways to build a brighter future for their families and community.  Evgenya returns home after years away, separated from her family while working in Russia to encounter two Robert Bosch alumni, Julian and Liliana and their plans for community-based rural development.


Bosch Alumni Network Event:
Practitioners Lab, Riscova: 25–29, April 2018


To find out more about the Ecovisio’s work in Moldova, their current projects and future plans visit

If you want to check what was it like to be a part of the Practitioners’ Lab in Moldova, please check the EcoVisio’s Facebook album of the event.

To keep track on what Epic Sax guy does nowadays, we checked his Facebook page


Music in this episode:

WhaleHawk – It takes Two
Lee Rosevere – Sad Marimba Planet
N Kramer – Slipping Through The Cracks



Riscova Bus Station
Riscova Bus Station. Credit: Jelena Prtoric

Riscova Street
Riscova Streetscape. Credit: Jelena Prtoric

Collective Trash Collection
Collective Trash Collection Effort. Credit: Jelena Prtoric